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Inferring the properties of the sources of reionization using the morphological spectra of the ionized regions

A LOFAR observation of ionospheric scintillation from two simultaneous travelling ionospheric disturbances

Building the Largest Spectroscopic Sample of Ultracompact Massive Galaxies with the Kilo Degree Survey

Cassiopeia A, Cygnus A, Taurus A, and Virgo A at ultra-low radio frequencies

Constraining the intergalactic medium at z ≈ 9.1 using LOFAR Epoch of Reionization observations

Cosmic dissonance: Are new physics or systematics behind a short sound horizon?

Discovery of Two Einstein Crosses from Massive Post-blue Nugget Galaxies at z > 1 in KiDS

Foreground modelling via Gaussian process regression: An application to HERA data

H_0 from Lensed Quasars

H0LiCOW XII. Lens mass model of WFI2033-4723 and blind measurement of its time-delay distance and H0

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