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Practical matters How to find us L.M. (Lisa) Herzog, Prof Dr

L.M. (Lisa) Herzog, Prof Dr

Professor of Political Philosophy, Dean
Profielfoto van L.M. (Lisa) Herzog, Prof Dr
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+31 6 2969 8007 (mobile)
+31 50 36 32548 (Marion Vorrink)

Research interests

Please note that this is not a complete record of my activities. The PURE system is very weird and finds some activities and not others. I try to regularly update the CV on my university website. 


A Real Epistemic Utopia? Epistemic Practices in a Climate Camp

'But it's your job!' the moral status of jobs and the dilemma of occupational duties

Citizen Science in Deliberative Systems: Participation, Epistemic Injustice, and Civic Empowerment

Digital behavioral technology, vulnerability and justice: towards an integrated approach

Introduction to the special issue 'digital behavioral technologies, vulnerability, and justice'

Shared Standards Versus Competitive Pressures in Journalism

The Limits of Transparency: Expert Knowledge and Meaningful Accountability in Central Banking

Algorithmic Decision-Making, Ambiguity Tolerance and the Question of Meaning

Covax must go beyond proportional allocation of covid vaccines to ensure fair and equitable access

Digitalisierung und Demokratie

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Twee RUG-onderzoekers treden toe tot select gezelschap van jonge topwetenschappers

Was die Messe verdient

Against the odds, tiny Bhutan rolls out a second round of mass vaccinations

Agora: a marketplace of ideas

"Europa im Diskurs"-Talk live: Brauchen wir einen Post-Covid-Wirtschaftsrevolution?

Live aus dem Burgtheater: Do we need a post-Covid economic revolution?

Agora: a marketplace of ideas

Arme landen leggen het af in strijd om coronavaccins

Hoe verdelen we eerlijk de vaccins?

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