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mr. L.M. (Lucas) Haitsma

PhD Researcher - Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence
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Former coordinator and teacher Administrative Law and Market Regulation for Non-Lawyers

'This new course offers students an introduction to administrative law and market regulation. It describes the evolution of administrative law in a number of countries and explains key concepts of administrative law (public body, administrative act/action, standing, judicial review of administrative decisions, deference, public contract). Moreover, this course reflects upon the shift from a traditional national model of public powers to a global or European model of intertwined public-private regulatory forces. In particular, the course introduces students to market regulation and explains how it affects the public/private divide and uses public and private law instruments and enforcement mechanisms to achieve its policy goals. Being comparative in essence, the course does not only discuss the developments within the European Union but also beyond. It also devotes attention to novel and more global phenomena such as the emergence of global administrative law and global private powers that exist parallel to traditional regulatory actors. Furthermore, the course combines the discussion of general and sector-specific aspects of the subject matter. This will allow students to apply the concepts learned in more general lectures to particular heavily regulated areas, such as consumer law and financial law and thus further develop their general knowledge of administrative law and market regulation.'

Guest lectures in the following courses:
Social Security Law
Regulation of Digital Technologies
Supervision and Enforcement

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