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Practical matters How to find us L.L. (Lilian) Peters

Research interests

I work as an epidemiologist/assistant professor at the following institutions:

  1. University Medical Center Groningen, Department General Practice & Elderly Medicine, section Midwifery Science
  2. Amsterdam UMC (location VUmc), Department Midwifery Science AVAG, Public Health and Research Institute
  3. Western Sydney University, School of Nursing and Midwifery (Australia)

I conduct research in the area of the Women's and Children's  Health Epidemiology. I examine the effect of (lifestyle) behavior, pregnancy and birth events on maternal and children's health. Therefore, I analyze large datasets of international population based data registries (e.g. Australian New South Wales linked data, Dutch Perinatal Data Registry, and GP registry data from networks from UMCG, Radboud UMC and MUMC and Nivel) and cohort data (i.e. Lifelines Next, Lifelines ROAHD, EUCAN-Connect). By analyzing these data, I aim to develop models to optimize the use of clinical resources and optimize maternal health and birth outcomes. The accompanying results will contribute to improve maternity care, by providing future maternal care in the right amount of care at the right time in the right way to childbearing women and their (unborn) babies.

Due to my expertise registry-based research, I am also involved as a projectleader/epidemiologist in several granted COVID-19 projects:  ZonMW COVID GP project, ZonMW Long COVID project and ZonMW GRIP3.

In all of my research projects, I collaborate intensively with different stakeholders: (inter)national multidisciplinary researchers, healthcare professionals and (pregnant) women. Especially the involvement of women  (with low SES) in the development of interventions to ensure an optimal implementation in daily care is important in my projects.


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A success story on the involvement of vulnerable women, midwifery students, and other stakeholders in the development and implementation of interventions in maternity care in the North of The Netherlands

Algemene gezondheid, zorgkosten en tandartsbezoek van ouderen met verschillende orale status

Assessing Dutch women's experiences of labour and birth: adaptations and psychometric evaluations of the measures Mothers on Autonomy in Decision Making Scale, Mothers on Respect Index, and Childbirth Experience Questionnaire 2.0

Bevallingservaringen: een psychometrische evaluatie van meetinstrumenten voor autonomie (MADM), respect (MORi) en ervaringen (CEQ2.0)

Changes in the Diagnosis of Stroke and Cardiovascular Conditions in Primary Care During First 2 COVID-19 Waves in the Netherlands

Characteristics and co-admissions of mothers and babies admitted to residential parenting services in the year following birth in NSW: a linked population data study (2000-2012)

More home births during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands

Onderzoeksuitkomsten na inleiding bij ongecompliceerde zwangerschappen

Preventie: wat is het, en hoe benutten we het optimaal? ook tijdens de coronapandemie steeds vaker bezocht

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Record aantal bezoeken

Nivel: bezoek aan blijft groeien

Ook tijdens de coronapandemie werd steeds vaker bezocht

Meer thuisbevallingen tijdens COVID-19 pandemie

Fors meer thuisbevallingen tijdens corona, baby's kwamen net zo gezond ter wereld als vóór de crisis

Meer thuisbevallingen tijdens corona, zelfde gezondheidsuitkomsten

Meer vrouwen bevielen thuis, tijdens corona, geen extra gezondheidsproblemen

Stoppen met roken tijdens de zwangerschap in Noord-Nederland

Stoppen met roken ondersteuning in Noord Nederland

Inleiden bevalling om niet-medische redenen is risico voor gezondheid moeder en kind

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