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Bionovelty and ecological restoration

Bioturbation by Benthic Stingrays Alters the Biogeomorphology of Tidal Flats

Habitat use across the tidal cycle by black-headed gulls breeding in the Wadden Sea

Mutual facilitation between foundation species Mytilus edulis and Lanice conchilega promotes habitat heterogeneity on tidal flats

One hundred priority questions for advancing seagrass conservation in Europe

Opportunities and challenges in value chain analysis for sustainable management of sharks and rays

Addressing data-deficiency of threatened sharks and rays in a highly dynamic coastal ecosystem using environmental DNA

A facultative mutualism facilitates European seagrass meadows

Biodegradable artificial reefs enhance food web complexity and biodiversity in an intertidal soft-sediment ecosystem

Characterizing bedforms in shallow seas as an integrative predictor of seafloor stability and the occurrence of macrozoobenthic species

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Wetenschappers aan kabinet: natuur is geen luxe-dingetje, stem vóór de natuurherstelwet

Twee nieuwe proefvelden met zeegras in de Waddenzee

Kustbroedvogels tellen met drones

Planting a healthier ocean - Biodiversity-boosting seagrass seeds planted

Database met functionele soortkenmerken online

Groene boeken, zeegras en alle overige onderwerpen

Zeegras Waddenzee weer gegroeid, in Grevelingenmeer eerste succes

Mogelijk nieuw, groot zeegrasveld bij Ameland


Nieuw zeegras Grevelingenmeer

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