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Practical matters How to find us dr. L.L. (Laura) Govers


Adaptive intertidal seed-based seagrass restoration in the Dutch Wadden Sea

Characterizing bedforms in shallow seas as an integrative predictor of seafloor stability and the occurrence of macrozoobenthic species

Comparing taxonomic and functional trait diversity in marine macrozoobenthos along sediment texture gradients

Copper sulphate treatment induces Heterozostera seed germination and improves seedling growth rates

Growth, maturity, and diet of the pearl whipray (Fontitrygon margaritella) from the Bijagós Archipelago, Guinea-Bissau

Initiating and upscaling mussel reef establishment with life cycle informed restoration: Successes and future challenges

The importance of marshes providing soil stabilization to resist fast-flow erosion in case of a dike breach

Advancing presence and changes in body size of brown shrimp Crangon crangon on intertidal flats in the western Dutch Wadden Sea, 1984–2018

Beyond connecting the dots: A multi-scale, multi-resolution approach to marine habitat mapping

Conservation implications of Sabellaria spinulosa reef patches in a dynamic sandy-bottom environment

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H2O (Magazine/website) ‘Zeegrasherstel: er is niet één recept’

Rijkswaterstaat wil zeegrasvelden in Waddenzee en Zeeuwse meren


Sea restoration projects quilt a ‘mosaic of habitats’ with striking results 700.000 zaden moeten zorgen voor zeegras in de Waddenzee

Kunnen kunstmatige mosselriffen Griend stabiliseren?

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