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Author Correction: Identification of inhibitors targeting the energy-coupling factor (ECF) transporters

Circular ZDHHC11 supports Burkitt lymphoma growth independent of its miR-150 binding capacity

The Role of the MYC/miR-150/MYB/ZDHHC11 Network in Hodgkin Lymphoma and Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

In vitro reconstitution of dynamically interacting integral membrane subunits of energy-coupling factor transporters

Intricate crosstalk between MYC and non-coding RNAs regulates hallmarks of cancer

Dynamic combinatorial chemistry to identify binders of ThiT, an S-component of the energy-coupling factor transporter for thiamine

Insight into the complete substrate-binding pocket of ThiT by chemical and genetic mutations

Targeted Diazotransfer Reagents Enable Selective Modification of Proteins with Azides

Design and synthesis of thiamine analogues to study their binding to the ECF transporter for thiamine in bacteria

On the transport mechanism of energy-coupling factor transporters

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RUG-wetenschappers ontdekken hoe bacterie ‘eet’

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