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Cognitive behavioral therapy for prolonged grief in children and adolescents: A randomized clinical trial

Prolonged grief disorder in DSM-5-TR: Early predictors and longitudinal measurement invariance

Psychopathology in a treatment-seeking sample of homicidally bereaved individuals: Latent class analysis

Rapid systematic review of psychological symptoms in health care workers COVID-19

Remotely delivered cognitive behavior therapy for disturbed grief during the COVID-19 crisis: Challenges and opportunities

Samen rouwen: Over sociale steun aan nabestaanden gedurende de COVID-19 pandemie

The importance of harmonising diagnostic criteria sets for pathological grief

Treatment gap in bereavement care: (Online) bereavement support needs and use after traumatic loss

Webinar: Traumatische rouw

Associations of depressive rumination and positive affect regulation with emotional distress after the death of a loved one

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Online lezingen bij Bibliotheek Zwartewaterland een succes!

Corona en rouwverwerking

Online lezingen over autisme en over rouwverwerking in coronatijd

Online lezing over rouwverwerking in Zwartewaterland

Online lezing over corona en rouwverwerking

Interview Vakblad Uitvaart 11/2020 'Increased risk of a grief disorder due to corona'

Biddinghuizer Joop de Jager schrijft boek over vermissingen

Algemeen Dagblad: Hoe rouw je in tijden van corona? [How to grieve in times of COVID?]

Hou rouw je in tijden van corona? ‘Ik heb het afscheid in kleine kring juist als prettig ervaren’

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