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Course and predictors of posttraumatic stress and depression longitudinal symptom profiles in refugees: A latent transition model

Valid measurement of DSM-5 persistent complex bereavement disorder and DSM-5-TR and ICD-11 prolonged grief disorder: The Traumatic Grief Inventory-Self Report Plus (TGI-SR+)

Cognitive behavioral therapy for prolonged grief in children and adolescents: A randomized clinical trial

Prolonged grief and depression: A latent class analysis

Prolonged grief disorder in DSM-5-TR: Early predictors and longitudinal measurement invariance

Psychopathology in a treatment-seeking sample of homicidally bereaved individuals: Latent class analysis

Rapid systematic review of psychological symptoms in health care workers COVID-19

Remotely delivered cognitive behavior therapy for disturbed grief during the COVID-19 crisis: Challenges and opportunities

Risk and protective factors, stressors, and symptoms of adjustment disorder during the COVID-19 pandemic–First results of the ESTSS COVID-19 pan-European ADJUST study

Samen rouwen: Over sociale steun aan nabestaanden gedurende de COVID-19 pandemie

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Interview Vakblad Uitvaart 11/2020 'Increased risk of a grief disorder due to corona'

Algemeen Dagblad: Hoe rouw je in tijden van corona? [How to grieve in times of COVID?]

Regional magazine "Online grief treatment after death of loved one in pandemic"

Radio 1: Online rouwen tijdens pandemie [Grieving online during pandemic]

[interview in national magazine] A national moment of commemorating the victims of the corona pandemic is useful

Afscheid en rouw in tijden van corona

Radio 1

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