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Comprehensive toxicity risk profiling in radiation therapy for head and neck cancer: a new concept for individually optimised treatment

Impact of radiation-induced toxicities on quality of life of patients treated for head and neck cancer

Risk of ischaemic cerebrovascular events in head and neck cancer patients is associated with carotid artery radiation dose

Impact of sarcopenia on survival and late toxicity in head and neck cancer patients treated with radiotherapy

Improving automatic delineation for head and neck organs at risk by Deep Learning Contouring

Improving The Toxicity Profile In Head And Neck Cancer Patients Using A NTCP-Guided Treatment Planning Tool For Model-Based Optimization

Key challenges in normal tissue complication probability model development and validation: towards a comprehensive strategy

Power Calculation And Design Considerations For Randomized Controlled Trials Testing Toxicity Reduction With Proton Therapy In Head And Neck Cancer

Quality of Life and Toxicity Based Treatment Plan Optimization for Head and Neck Cancer

Stem cell sparing radiotherapy for head and neck cancer patients: a double-blind randomized controlled trial

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