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Ecovillage foodscapes: zooming in and out of sustainable food practices

Planning for food commons in the post-COVID world

Toward the commoning of governance

Understanding the value of co-creation for social innovation interpretations of social innovation and co-creation in European policy-related documents between 1995 and 2018

Accommodative public leadership in wind energy development: Enabling citizens initiatives in the Netherlands

Communities and space – Post-Corona avenues for “new normals” in planning research

Exploring the transformative capacity of place-shaping practices

Linking spatial planning and place branding strategies through cultural narratives in places

Operationalising transformative sustainability science through place-based research: the role of researchers

The inner dimension of sustainability transformation: how sense of place and values can support sustainable place‑shaping

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Planning for Food Commons in a Post-COVID World

Deep adaptation

250 Forscher aus aller Welt warnen

Blog Planning for food commons in a post-COVID world

Place leadership

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