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Zero-one laws for provability logic: Axiomatizing validity in almost all models and almost all frames

A discussion game for the grounded semantics of abstract dialectical frameworks

A Research Agenda for Hybrid Intelligence: Augmenting Human Intellect With Collaborative, Adaptive, Responsible, and Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Accelerating the Development of Second-Order False Belief Reasoning: A Training Study With Different Feedback Methods

Balancing Selfishness and Efficiency in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks: An Agent-based Simulation

Commonly Knowing Whether

Editors' Review and Introduction: Lying in Logic, Language, and Cognition

Local-HDP: Interactive Open-Ended 3D Object Categorization

Modelling non-attentional visual information transmission in groups under predation

Strong Admissibility for Abstract Dialectical Frameworks

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Verbied preventief het gebruik van ‘killer robots’

Corona-app kamerstuk

What does Europe want with AI and face recognition?

Wat wil Europa met AI en gezichtsherkenning?

'Killjoys' challenge claims of clever animals

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