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Predictive Theory of Mind Models Based on Public Announcement Logic

Explain What You See: Open-Ended Segmentation and Recognition of Occluded 3D Objects

Legal Knowledge and Information Systems

Linguistic and Cognitive Building Blocks of Lie Detection: The Detective Game

Proceedings Nineteenth Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge

Solutions to the Knower Paradox in the Light of Haack’s Criteria

The Wisdom of the Small Crowd: Myside Bias and Group Discussion

Using Agent-Based Simulations to Evaluate Bayesian Networks for Criminal Scenarios

Abstracting Minds: Computational Theory of Mind for Human-Agent Collaboration

Argumentation-Based Online Incremental Learning

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Verbied preventief het gebruik van ‘killer robots’

Corona-app kamerstuk

What does Europe want with AI and face recognition?

Wat wil Europa met AI en gezichtsherkenning?

'Killjoys' challenge claims of clever animals

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