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Long-term dietary patterns are associated with pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory features of the gut microbiome

Patient attitudes towards faecal sampling for gut microbiome studies and clinical care reveal positive engagement and room for improvement

Role of the gut microbiome in mediating lactose intolerance symptoms

The composition and metabolic potential of the human small intestinal microbiota within the context of inflammatory bowel disease

Whole exome sequencing analyses reveal gene-microbiota interactions in the context of IBD

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Plantaardige voeding werkt ontstekingsremmend

Keep your gut bacteria happy by eating more of these 5 food groups

Diet High in Animal, Processed Foods Tied to Inflamed Gut Microbiome

Diet high in animal, processed foods and alcohol, sugar tied to inflamed gut microbiome

Darmbacteriën zorgen voor meer of minder ontstekingsactiviteit

Voedingspatroon zorgt via darmbacteriën voor meer of minder ontstekingsactiviteit

Fastfood, suiker en drank geven darmontsteking en daarmee ook diabetes en reuma

Onderzoek UMCG: slecht eten zorgt voor meer ontstekingen

Die Ernährung hat einen Einfluss auf die entzündliche Aktivität über Darmbakterien

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