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How to find us prof. dr. K. (Klaas) van Veen

prof. dr. K. (Klaas) van Veen

Professor, vice dean of the Faculty BSS
No picture available
+31 50 36 36182 (secretary Faculty Board)
+31 50 36 32000 (secretary Teacher Education Program)


Becoming a more adaptive teacher through collaborating in Lesson Study? Examining the influence of Lesson Study on teachers’ adaptive teaching practices in mainstream secondary education

Between lethal and local adaptation: Lesson study as an organizational routine

De relatie tussen schoolvisie, schoolcultuur en professionaliseringsactiviteiten van ervaren docenten

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Effective characteristics of professional development programs for science and technology education

How Features of the Implementation Process Shape the Success of an Observation-Based Coaching Program: Perspectives of Teachers and Coaches

More than mundane matters: An exploration of how schools organize professional learning teams

Promoting a professional school culture through lesson study? An examination of school culture, school conditions, and teacher self-efficacy

The effects of distributed leadership and inquiry-based work on primary teachers' capacity to change: Testing a model

The Enactment of Integrated School Leadership for Sustainable School Improvement with Data Teams

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