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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. K. (Klaas) van Veen

prof. dr. K. (Klaas) van Veen

Professor, vice dean of the Faculty BSS
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+31 50 36 36182 (secretary Faculty Board)
+31 50 36 32000 (secretary Teacher Education Program)


Development of an Inquiry Stance? Perceptions of Preservice Teachers and Teacher Educators Toward Preservice Teacher Inquiry in Dutch Primary Teacher Education

Key actors leading knowledge brokerage for sustainable school improvement with PLCs: Who brokers what?

Leadership practices and sustained lesson study

The Concept of Organizational Routines and Its Potential for Investigating Educational Initiatives in Practice: A Systematic Review of the Literature

How contextual factors influence teachers' pedagogical practices

Leiderschap voor onderwijsontwikkeling: van idee naar duurzame PLG

Pre-service teacher research: a way to future-proof teachers?

The hullabaloo of schooling: The influence of school factors on the (dis)continuation of lesson study

The relationship between primary school leaders' utilization of distributed leadership and teachers' capacity to change

Understanding sustainable professional learning communities by considering school leaders’ interpretations and educational beliefs

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