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The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Occurrence of Psychosomatic Symptoms: Are They Related?

Using photos of basic facial expressions as a new approach to measuring implicit attitudes

Anxiety and Avoidance in Adults and Childhood Trauma Are Associated with Negative Religious Coping

Childhood Trauma and Experience in Close Relationships Are Associated with the God Image: Does Religiosity Make a Difference?

Childhood Trauma Is Associated with the Spirituality of Non-Religious Respondents

Religiosity and Mental Health: A Contribution to Understanding the Heterogeneity of Research Findings

Religious Attendance in a Secular Country Protects Adolescents from Health-Risk Behavior Only in Combination with Participation in Church Activities

Spirituality, Religious Attendance and Health Complaints in Czech Adolescents

Are Adolescent Religious Attendance/Spirituality Associated with Family Characteristics?

"I am spiritual, but not religious": Does one without the other protect against adolescent health-risk behaviour?

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