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How to find us K.M. Wacker, PhD

Research interests

I investigate questions of macroeconomic development, exploring why some countries are richer than others. I am particularly interested in interactions between economic growth, inequality, and poverty; and in the role of globalization for development and growth.

I primarily analyze those issues empirically and aim at applying and improving state-of-the-art econometric methods, especially for panel data.


Convergence and innovation in export quality and the world income distribution

Differences in measuring FDI: do they matter for our economic conclusions?

Financial globalisation and the labour share in developing countries: The type of capital matters

The rise of robots and the fall of routine jobs

Wie multinationale Konzerne Steuern vermeiden und was dagegen zu tun ist

The special issue on FDI and multinational corporations: an introduction

Who is Afraid of Informal Competition? The Role of Finance for Firms in Developing and Emerging Economies

Explaining Ethiopia's Growth Acceleration—The Role of Infrastructure and Macroeconomic Policy

Globalization and female labor force participation in developing countries: An empirical (Re-)assessment

Poverty Trap

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Robots replace routine tasks performed by workers

How does robotization affect different tasks on the labor market?

What conditions should firms fulfill for corona support?

We do not need new taxes - do we?

National distancing as a crisis strategy

How multinationals avoid taxes and what to do about it

Multinationals avoid 1.3 bn Euro in corporate taxes

The unequal States of America

Low fuel prices

Has the Euro ever been a growth driver?

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