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How to find us dr. K.M. (Kiki) Santing

dr. K.M. (Kiki) Santing

Assistant Professor Middle Eastern Studies
dr. K.M. (Kiki) Santing
+31 50 36 35820 (secretariaat: 050-3635850)


Imagining the Perfect Society in Muslim Brotherhood Journals: An Analysis of al-Da'wa and Liwa' al-Islam

Islam and the struggle over political legitimacy in Egypt: The 1987 elections through the lenses of al-Liwa’al-Islami and Liwa’al-Islam

The Battle for the Islamic Reader in Mubarak’s Egypt: An Analysis of al-Liwaʾ al-Islami and Liwaʾ al-Islam

Two Egyptian Journals During the early Mubarak Years

The Muslim brotherhood and the Nasser trauma: despair and resistance at a time of unprecedented mihna

The Political rise of the Muslim Brotherhood: The Historical Case of the 1987 parliamentarians

The Underpants Connection: Marks & Spencer, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian-Israeli peace process

Een Functioneel Mikpunt: De Egyptische Moslimbroederschap en de Joden

NIẒᾹM KᾹMIL WA-SHᾹMIL: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt As reflected in al-da‘wa and liwā’ al-’islām (1976-1981 1987-1988)

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