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Al-Hashd al-Sha‘bi and the reconstruction of Mosul

The Muslim Brotherhood and women’s issues under Sadat: dogmas and discussions

Building Synergies: The Future of Middle Eastern Regional Research Centers

Conspiracy Theories and Muslim Brotherhood Antisemitism under Sadat

Muslim Brotherhood Antisemitism

Cautious conservatism: The Muslim Brotherhood and its view on women under Sadat

Imagining the Perfect Society in Muslim Brotherhood Journals: An Analysis of al-Da'wa and Liwa' al-Islam

Islam and the struggle over political legitimacy in Egypt: The 1987 elections through the lenses of al-Liwa’al-Islami and Liwa’al-Islam

The Battle for the Islamic Reader in Mubarak’s Egypt: An Analysis of al-LiwaŹ¾ al-Islami and LiwaŹ¾ al-Islam

Two Egyptian Journals During the early Mubarak Years

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Dictators op het eerste Letterenfestival

Mubarak luistert dit weekend met 'schoon geweten' naar vonnis