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Practical matters How to find us K. (Kyriaki) Fousiani, PhD

Research interests

Justice and motives for punishment, power, negotiations, cooperation - competition, self-determination, emotion, intergroup relations


Applying for Remote Jobs? You’d Better be Competent! Teleworking Turns Recruiters Attention to Candidate Competence over Warmth-Related Skills

Self-construal, face concerns, and conflict management strategies: A meta-analysis

Appearing Competent or Moral? The Role of Organizational Goals in the Evaluation of Candidates

Effects of Leaders’ Power Construal on Leader-Member Exchange: The Moderating Role of Competitive Climate at Work

Having no Negotiation Power does not Matter as Long as you Can Think Creatively: The Moderating Role of Age

Motives for punishing powerful vs. powerless offenders: The mediating role of demonization

Motives for Punishing Powerful vs. Prestigious Offenders: The Moderating Role of Group Identity

No reason for conflict with my older leader: Investigating links between leader competence, leader age, and conflict involvement

Past and Present Intergroup Contact and Conflict Among Inhabitants of Former Mixed Villages of Cyprus: The Role of Individual and Collective Experiences in Predicting Attitudes and Trust

Punishment Reactions to Powerful Suspects: Comparing a “Corrupt” Versus a “Leniency” Approach of Power

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Remote work increases recruiters’ focus on competence over warmth when making hiring decisions

Miscommunication in times of corona: When and how to say sorry