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How to find us K. (Kyriaki) Fousiani, PhD

Research interests

Justice and motives for punishment, power, negotiations, cooperation - competition, self-determination, emotion, intergroup relations


Effects of power on negotiations: a comparison of collaborative versus competitive approach

Power Asymmetry, Negotiations and Conflict Management in Organizations

Punishment reactions to powerful suspects: Comparing a "corrupt” versus a “leniency” approach of power

Suffering bullying passively is to be excluded from humanity: You are not human unless you stand up for yourself

Justice reactions to deviant ingroup members: Ingroup identity threat motivates utilitarian punishments

Reactions to offenders: Psychological differences between beliefs versus punishment.

The effects of group membership and perceived humanness of victims on motives for punishment and justice decisions

The effects of group membership of bullies and victims in attributions of humanness: The mediating role of empathic concern and perspective taking.

Is suffering less human? Distressing situations' effects on dehumanizing the self and others

Suffering is less human: Dehumanization of self and others as an effect of societal crisis

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