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Research interests

Justice and motives for punishment, power, negotiations, cooperation - competition, self-determination, emotion, intergroup relations


Competitive Organizational Climate and Artificial Intelligence Acceptance: The Moderating Role of Leaders’ Power Construal

Empowering women for creative solutions in interpersonal conflict at work

Applying for Remote Jobs? You’d Better be Competent! Teleworking Turns Recruiters Attention to Candidate Competence over Warmth-Related Skills

Instrumental Goals Shape EU Citizens’ Attitudes to the Russia-Ukraine War Over Time

Motives for punishing powerful vs. powerless offenders: The mediating role of demonization

Self-construal, face concerns, and conflict management strategies: A meta-analysis

The Effects of Culture on Active and Passive Reactions to Financial Offenders; The Moderating Role of Type of Harm

Appearing Competent or Moral? The Role of Organizational Goals in the Evaluation of Candidates

Effects of Leaders’ Power Construal on Leader-Member Exchange: The Moderating Role of Competitive Climate at Work

Having no Negotiation Power does not Matter as Long as you Can Think Creatively: The Moderating Role of Age

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Remote work increases recruiters’ focus on competence over warmth when making hiring decisions

Miscommunication in times of corona: When and how to say sorry