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Face masks reduce emotion-recognition accuracy and perceived closeness

When Ignoring Negative Feedback Is Functional: Presenting a Model of Motivated Feedback Disengagement

Dispositional optimism weakly predicts upward, rather than downward, counterfactual thinking: A prospective correlational study using episodic recall

Friends or foes? How activists and nonactivists perceive and evaluate each other

Old Tasks and New Urgency: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

Upward and Downward Counterfactual Thought After Loss: A Multiwave Controlled Longitudinal Study

A Longitudinal Study of Decision Making in the Process of Acquiring a Dog

Hätte, wäre, könnte

Having pity on our victims to save ourselves: Compassion reduces self-critical emotions and self-blame about past harmful behavior among those who highly identify with their past self

Motivation in Intercultural Contacts: A Needs Perspective of Intergroup Contact

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