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Continuity and change

Motivated Counterfactual Thinking and Moral Inconsistency: How We Use Our Imaginations to Selectively Condemn and Condone

The Migration Experience: A Conceptual Framework and Systematic Scoping Review of Psychological Acculturation

When do conspiracy theories shape behavioural intentions? The moderating role of the need to evaluate

Whether and How to Regulate: Emotion Regulation in Negative-Feedback Situations

Empathising with masked targets: Limited side effects of face masks on empathy for dynamic, context-rich stimuli

From Exposure to Intentions: How the Need to Evaluate Shapes the Impact of Conspiracy Theories on Behavioural Intentions

Motivational consequences of counterfactual mindsets: Does counterfactual structure influence the use of conservative or risky tactics?

Need Fulfillment During Intergroup Contact: Three Experience Sampling Studies

Should I have been more careful or less careless? The comparative nature of counterfactual thoughts alters judgments of their impact

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Verpasste Chancen: Was wäre, wenn?

What We Can Learn from the Solace of “At Least” and the Sting of “If Only”

Face masks impair people’s ability to accurately classify emotional expressions

Onderzoek: mondkapjes maken sociaal verkeer een stuk lastiger, al oogt boos gezicht betrouwbaarder

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