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K.E.E. (Karin) Olsen, Dr

Universitair docent (UD 1)
K.E.E. (Karin) Olsen, Dr

My teaching in the Department of English mainly focuses on Medieval English language and literature. Since 1994 I have also offered comparative courses on Anglo-Saxon, early Scandinavian and early Irish literature and culture. After the introduction of the BA and MA programmes at the University of Groningen I have taught the following courses:


BA English Language and Culture

  • B.A. Thesis English (Older English Literature)
  • English Literatures until 1550
  • Language and Culture of Anglo-Saxon England
  • Major Medieval Masterpieces of English Literature
  • Medieval English Literature in a Cultural Context
  • Pirates and Poets: Viking Encounters in the British Isles
  • Special Topic in Medieval Literature and Culture: Beowulf and the Monstrous Tradition
  • Saints and Sinners in Medieval England 
  • Ways Ahead to Medieval English Literature
  • English Proficiency I: Oral and Writing Skills
  • English Proficiency IV: Formal Presentations and Research Papers
  • English Proficiency V: Discussion and Debate  


MA English Language and Culture 

  • Dream-vision Literature in Medieval England
  • Everyday Life in Text and Context: Functional Writing in the Middle Ages
  • Miracles and the Miraculous in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Modes of Alterity in Old English Poetry
  • Taboos in Medieval England and Ireland
  • The Personal Voice in Old English and Early Irish Elegies
  • The World of Women in Early Medieval Literature
  • Saints and Sages: Anglo-Saxon Literature and Culture in their European Context
  • WEM 3: Manuscripts and Printed Books


Minor Old Germanic

  • Old Germanic Literature and Culture
  • Old Germanic: Language and Sign 
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