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Traditional versus Laterally Extended Upper Blepharoplasty Skin Excisions: Objective and Patient-Reported Outcomes

Can salivary gland ultrasonography replace salivary gland biopsy in the diagnosis of Sjögren's syndrome?

Chronic Osteomyelitis With Proliferative Periostitis of the Mandible in a Child Report of a Case Managed by Immunosuppressive Treatment: Report of a Case Managed by Immunosuppressive Treatment

Diagnostic accuracy of physical examination findings for midfacial fractures: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Diagnostic challenges in a diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the maxilla presenting as exposed necrotic bone

Effect of ruxolitinib on the oral mucosa of patients with steroid-refractory chronic Graft-versus-Host disease and oral involvement

Harvesting anterior iliac crest or calvarial bone grafts to augment severely resorbed edentulous jaws: a systematic review and meta-analysis of patient-reported outcomes

Histopathology, salivary flow and ultrasonography of the parotid gland: three complementary measurements in primary Sjögren's syndrome

Immune markers and microbial factors are related with periodontitis severity in people with HIV

Impact of COVID-19 Dentistry-Related Literature: An Altmetric Study

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