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LAAT: Locally Aligned Ant Technique for discovering multiple faint low dimensional structures of varying density

Range-Only Bearing Estimator for Localization and Mapping

Secure Formation Control via Edge Computing Enabled by Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Mixed Uniform-Logarithmic Quantization

Swarm-intelligence-based extraction and manifold crawling along the Large-Scale Structure

Towards Robust Colour Texture Classification with Limited Training Data

1-DREAM: 1D Recovery, Extraction and Analysis of Manifolds in noisy environments

Adaptive Gabor Filters for Interpretable Color Texture Classification

Advances in artificial neural networks, machine learning and computational intelligence

An Industry 4.0 example: Real-time quality control for steel-based mass production using Machine Learning on non-invasive sensor data

ASAP – A sub-sampling approach for preserving topological structures modeled with geodesic topographic mapping

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