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A clinical utility study of diagnosing genetic disorders in newborns admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Restrictive guideline for red blood cell transfusions in preterm neonates: effect of a protocol change

Molybdenum cofactor deficiency type A: Prenatal monitoring using MRI

NEOnatal Central-venous Line Observational study on Thrombosis (NEOCLOT): Evaluation of a national guideline on management of neonatal catheter-related thrombosis

Rapid Targeted Genomics in Critically Ill Newborns

Small for gestational age and perinatal mortality at term: An audit in a Dutch national cohort study

Cardiovascular malformations caused by NOTCH1 mutations do not keep left: data on 428 probands with left-sided CHD and their families

Classification of substandard factors in perinatal care: development and multidisciplinary inter-rater agreement of the Groningen-system

Favorable outcome in a newborn with molybdenum cofactor type A deficiency treated with cPMP

The implementation of unit-based perinatal mortality audit in perinatal cooperation units in the northern region of the Netherlands

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