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The revolting body: Self-disgust as a key factor in anorexia nervosa

The role of body image disturbance in the onset, maintenance, and relapse of anorexia nervosa: A systematic review

Time to make a change: A call for more experimental research on key mechanisms in anorexia nervosa

Evaluative Conditioning as a Body Image Intervention for Adolescents With Eating Disorders

Reducing body dissatisfaction by means of an evaluative conditioning procedure in undergraduate women: A replication study

Brief Report: The Relationship Between Eating Disorder Symptoms and Meaning in Life

Subjective disgust and facial electromyography responses towards unedited and morphed overweight self-pictures in women with varying levels of eating disorder symptomatology

Averting Repulsion? Body-Directed Self-Disgust and Autobiographical Memory Retrieval

Escaping from revulsion - disgust and escape in response to body-relevant autobiographical memories

Negative body image and avoidant retrieval of body-related autobiographical memories

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Hoe word je vrienden met je eigen spiegelbeeld? - Volkskrant 31/08/2016

Onderzoek naar virtual reality bij anorexia

Onderzoek naar virtual reality bij anorexia

Onderzoek naar virtual reality bij anorexia

Virtual Reality als hulpmiddel in de behandeling van anorexia

Hoe doorstaan anorexiapatiënten honger?

VGCt Podcast anorexia nervosa

Podcast about anorexia nervosa

Too ‘fat’ to eat? A plea for experimental research on anorexia nervosa

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