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Divine Authorship and Variations of Pseudepigraphy in the Second Discourse of the Great Seth and the Wisdom of Jesus Christ

Characterising Discipleship in the Fifth Manichaean Psalm of Heracleides: Christian Literary Influences and Women’s Participation

Eschatology in Nag Hammadi Codex II: A Monastic Reading of the Hypostasis of the Archons (NHC II,4) and On the Origin of the World (NHC II,5)

The Protevangelium of James in Papyrus Bodmer V: Titles, Genres, and Traditions in Transmission

The Romans, the Temple, and the Alexandrian Context of the Testimony of Truth (NHC IX,3)

Early Christian Perspectives on Roman Law and Mosaic Law

Resurrection in the Exegesis on the Soul (NHC II,6)

Reading Gospel of Thomas 100 in the Fourth Century: From Roman Imperialism to Pachomian Concern over Wealth

Shifting Social Contexts at Nag Hammadi: Imagining a Fourth-Century Monastic Response to the Roles of Knowledge and Love in the Gospel of Philip

The Ascent of the Soul and the Pachomians: Interpreting the Exegesis on the Soul (NHC II, 6) within a Fourth-Century Monastic Context

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