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Detection of Fusion Genes to Determine Minimal Residual Disease in Leukemia Using Next-Generation Sequencing

Gene expression profiling of epithelium-associated FcRL4(+) B cells in primary Sjogren's syndrome reveals a pathogenic signature

Mutational heterogeneity between different regional tumour grades of clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Targeted RNA-Sequencing Enables Detection of Relevant Translocations and Single Nucleotide Variants and Provides a Method for Classification of Hematological Malignancies-RANKING

A transcriptionally distinct CXCL13+CD103+CD8+ T-cell population is associated with B-cell recruitment and neoantigen load in human cancer

Comprehensive Profiling of Primary and Metastatic ccRCC Reveals a High Homology of the Metastases to a Subregion of the Primary Tumour

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