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Cycling on the edge: The effects of edge lines, slanted kerbstones, shoulder, and edge strips on cycling behaviour of cyclists older than 50 years

How visually impaired cyclists ride regular and pedal electric bicycles

The influence of alcohol (0.5‰) on the control and manoeuvring level of driving behaviour, finding measures to assess driving impairment: A simulator study

A human factors perspective on automated driving

Cycling difficulties of visually impaired people

Development of a screening instrument estimating fitness-to-drive in young driving licence candidates diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): A project report in cooperation with the CBR

Don’t shoot the messenger: traffic-irrelevant messages on variable message signs (VMSs) might not interfere with traffic management

Driving performance and neurocognitive skills of long-term users of benzodiazepine anxiolytics and hypnotics

Human factor guidelines for the design of safe in-car traffic information services

Key factors for the bicycle use of visually impaired people: a Delphi study

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Met zware medicijnen toch achter het stuur.

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Ouderen en mobiliteit

Verkeer en medicijnen

Hoeveel rust moet je nemen voordat je op vakantie gaat?

Afl. 19: Prof. Brookhuis is altijd de Bob!

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Interview BNR NieuwsRadio

Interview Volkskrant

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