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Manual versus artificial intelligence-based segmentations as a pre-processing step in whole-body dosimetry calculations

Use of population input functions for reduced scan duration whole-body Patlak F-18-FDG PET imaging

Clinically feasible semi-automatic workflows for measuring metabolically active tumour volume in metastatic melanoma

Experimental Multicenter and Multivendor Evaluation of the Performance of PET Radiomic Features Using 3-Dimensionally Printed Phantom Inserts

Image Quality and Activity Optimization in Oncologic F-18-FDG PET Using the Digital Biograph Vision PET/CT System

Image Quality and Semiquantitative Measurements on the Biograph Vision PET/CT System: Initial Experiences and Comparison with the Biograph mCT

Experimental Multicenter And Multivendor Evaluation Of Pet Radiomic Features Performance Using 3d Printed Phantom Inserts

Performance characteristics and quantitative clinical evaluation of the digital Siemens Biograph Vision PET/CT

Performance Characteristics of the Digital Biograph Vision PET/CT System

Feasibility of a phantom with 3D printed inserts with realistic uptake patterns to study the performance of radiomics features

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