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An appetite for meat?: Disentangling the influence of animal resemblance and familiarity

Gain framing increases support for measures promoting plant-based eating in university settings

Why Are Men More Likely to Endorse Myths About Child Sexual Abuse Than Women? Evidence From Disposition and Situation-Based Approaches

Consumer perceptions of conventional and alternative protein sources: A mixed-methods approach with meal and product framing

From Pets to Pests: Testing the Scope of the “Pets as Ambassadors” Hypothesis

Opposition to Immigration and (Anti-)Environmentalism: An Application and Extension of the Social Dominance-Environmentalism Nexus with 21 Countries in Europe

Child Sexual Abuse Myth Scale: Validity and Reliability Evidence in the Portuguese Context

Green Light for Climate-friendly Food Transitions? Communicating Legal Innovation Increases Consumer Support for Meat Curtailment Policies

Animal images database: Validation of 120 images for human-animal studies

Consumption orientations may support (or hinder)transitions to more plant-based diets

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