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Feigning ADHD and stimulant misuse among Dutch university students

Een nieuwe testbatterij gericht op financiële competentie en financiële prestaties: Hoe presteren patiënten met neurodegeneratieve aandoeningen hierop?

Financial decision-making in a community sample of adults with and without current symptoms of ADHD

Het nemen van beslissingen door volwassenen met ADHD: Een systematisch literatuuronderzoek

Medical decision-making in patients with Parkinson's disease

Neuropsychological functioning of individuals at clinical evaluation of adult ADHD

Social competence in newly diagnosed pediatric brain tumor patients

The development of the Screening of Visual Complaints questionnaire for patients with neurodegenerative disorders: Evaluation of psychometric features in a community sample

Utility of an attention-based performance validity test for the detection of feigned cognitive dysfunction after acquired brain injury

Assessing theta neurofeedback training as therapeutic tool to improve executive functioning: A pilot study

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The 50th anniversary of the Dutch Neuropsychological Society