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Ямные захоронения могильника Песчаный IV в Ростовской области: погребальный обряд и хроно

Cross-comparison of last glacial radiocarbon and OSL ages using periglacial fan deposits

Ecohydrological analysis of a South African through-flow mire: Vankervelsvlei revisited

Environmental changes in the late Allerød and early Younger Dryas in the Netherlands: a multiproxy high-resolution record from a site with two Pinus sylvestris populations

Investigations of the relics and altar materials relating to the apostles St James and St Philip at the Basilica dei Santi XII Apostoli in Rome

Multiproxy analysis of permafrost preserved faeces provides an unprecedented insight into the diets and habitats of extinct and extant megafauna

The IntCal20 Northern Hemisphere Radiocarbon Age Calibration Curve (0–55 cal kBP)

The spatio-temporal structure of the Lateglacial to early Holocene transition reconstructed from the pollen record of Lake Suigetsu and its precise correlation with other key global archives: Implications for palaeoclimatology and archaeology

Ancient runoff farming and soil aggradation in terraced wadi fields (Negev, Israel): Obliteration of sedimentary strata by ants, scorpions and humans

Bronze Age Wool Textile of the Northern Eurasia: New Radiocarbon Data

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How Old Is the Greenland Shark? The answer is slippery.

Een van de laatste bruine beren in Nederland leefde zo’n 1000 jaar geleden bij Noordwijk

Onderzoekers vinden resten van Noordwijkse beer

Noordwijkse bruine beer gevonden

Surf’n Turf in Doggerland

Ancient Doggerland diet discovered

De laatste jagers in Doggerland

Grottekeningen blijken accurater: er waren twee bizonsoorten in Europa

Importeerden Vikingen strandgapers?

scientists reveal prehistoric animal lived longer than previously thought

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