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How to find us dr. J. (Joram) Tarusarira

dr. J. Tarusarira

Assistant Professor of Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding

NWO/NWA Idea Generator project

Invoking the Sacred: Towards Alternative Strategies Against Climate Conflicts

Climate change is fuelling violent conflicts. Competition over access to natural resources due to climate-induced degradation has resulted in outbreaks of bloody inter-communal violence in Kenya. The role of sacred beliefs and practices in these conflicts remains understudied. Yet people can engage in bloody conflicts, even sacrificing their lives, to protect what they consider sacred, such as land, water and cattle.

The problem this project address is that we lack knowledge of how sacred beliefs and practices frame climate change-induced conflicts and how that influences peace and reconciliation strategies.

The project’s research question is: How may framing climate-induced conflicts in sacred terms influence the strategies policymakers and NGOs adopt to address the conflicts? Answering this question is crucial to understanding the link between climate change and conflict and developing indigenously-founded peace and reconciliation strategies.

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