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Annual patterns in phytoplankton phenology in Antarctic coastal waters explained by environmental drivers

Maximising the use of native seeds in restoration projects

Plant stress-tolerance traits predict salt marsh vegetation patterning

Optimized fluorescent proteins for the rhizosphere-associated bacterium Bacillus mycoides with endophytic and biocontrol agent potential

Functional optics of glossy buttercup flowers

Localization of sulfate uptake and pH changes at sulfur-deprived roots of intact Brassica pekinensis seedlings by using H+-selective microelectrodes

Seed germination: Ecological aspects - special issue editorial

Competition for pollinators and intra-communal spectral dissimilarity of flowers

Draft Genome Sequence of Bacillus mycoides M2E15, a Strain Isolated from the Endosphere of Potato

How to colour a flower: On the optical principles of flower coloration

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