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Association Analysis of Genetic Variants in the Myosin IXB Gene in Acute Pancreatitis

Destruction of Tissue, Cells and Organelles in Type 1 Diabetic Rats Presented at Macromolecular Resolution

Potential mechanisms explaining why hydrolyzed casein-based diets outclass single amino acid-based diets in the prevention of autoimmune diabetes in diabetes-prone BB rats

Comment on "Type 1 Diabetes in BioBreeding Rats Is Critically Linked to an Imbalance between Th17 and Regulatory T Cells and an Altered TCR Repertoire"

Heterologous Prime-Boost Immunizations with a Virosomal and an Alphavirus Replicon Vaccine

Restoration of impaired intestinal barrier function by the hydrolysed casein diet contributes to the prevention of type 1 diabetes in the diabetes-prone BioBreeding rat

Prevention of diabetes by a hydrolysed casein-based diet in diabetes-prone BioBreeding rats does not involve restoration of the defective natural regulatory T cell function

Prolonged exclusive breastfeeding reduces autoimmune diabetes incidence and increases regulatory T-cell frequency in bio-breeding diabetes-prone rats

Tight Junctions, Intestinal Permeability, and Autoimmunity Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes Paradigms

A regulatory CD4(+) T cell subset in the BB rat model of autoimmune diabetes expresses neither CD25 nor Foxp3

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