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Practical matters How to find us dr. J. (Jacqueline) Stefels


Carbon and nutrient cycling in Antarctic landfast sea ice from winter to summer

Deciphering the properties of different Arctic ice types during the growth phase of MOSAiC: Implications for future studies on gas pathways

On the phenology and seeding potential of sea-ice microalgal species

Species-level differences in osmoprotectants and antioxidants contribute to stress tolerance of Quercus robur L., and Q. cerris L. seedlings under water deficit and high temperatures

Annual patterns in phytoplankton phenology in Antarctic coastal waters explained by environmental drivers

Implications of sea ice management for Arctic biogeochemistry

The future of Arctic sea-ice biogeochemistry and ice-associated ecosystems

Extreme spikes in DMS flux double estimates of biogenic sulfur export from the Antarctic coastal zone to the atmosphere

Variability and change in the west Antarctic Peninsula marine system: Research priorities and opportunities

Chlorophyll-α in Antarctic landfast sea ice: A first synthesis of historical ice core data

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Grote impact smeltend zee-ijs op ecosystemen van de Noordpool

Deze Groningse onderzoeker laat zich invriezen op de Noordpool

Awesome places: Antarctica - Finding algae under the ice

NICO Expedition

Smelten de gletsjers?

Koud kamp - Onderzoek doen op Antartica is zo vervelend nog niet

Zicht op de cycli van de ijskoude zee

Zeecontainers als mobiele labs

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