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Changing Shapes of Care: Expressions of Filial Piety among Second-generation Chinese in the Netherlands

Hip Fracture Patients in Geriatric Rehabilitation Show Poor Nutritional Status, Dietary Intake and Muscle Health

Paratonia in Dementia: A Systematic Review

Reliability and validity of ultrasound to estimate muscles: A comparison between different transducers and parameters

The role of inflammaging and advanced glycation end products on paratonia in patients with dementia

The added value of therapist communication on the effect of physical therapy treatment in older adults; a systematic review and meta-analysis

The added value of ultrasound muscle measurements in patients with COPD: An exploratory study

The SARCUS project: evidence-based muscle assessment through ultrasound

Advanced Glycation End Products Are Associated With Physical Activity and Physical Functioning in the Older Population

Application of ultrasound for muscle assessment in sarcopenia: towards standardized measurements

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