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Interacting roles of breeding geography and early-life settlement in godwit migration timing

Comment on "Global pattern of nest predation is disrupted by climate change in shorebirds"

How wry is a wrybill?

No evidence for an association between Clock gene allelic variation and migration timing in a long-distance migratory shorebird (Limosa lapponica baueri)

A global threats overview for Numeniini populations: Synthesising expert knowledge for a group of declining migratory birds

Extreme migration and the individual quality spectrum

Geolocator wetness data accurately detect periods of migratory flight in two species of shorebird

Declining adult survival of New Zealand Bar-tailed Godwits during 2005–2012 despite apparent population stability

Effects of geolocators on hatching success, return rates, breeding movements, and change in body mass in 16 species of Arctic-breeding shorebirds

Low genetic differentiation between Greenlandic and Siberian Sanderling populations implies a different phylogeographic history than found in Red Knots

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Rosse grutto verpulvert wereldrecord ver vliegen met bijna dertienduizend kilometer over de Stille Oceaan

Unexpected diversity in socially synchronized rhythms of shorebirds

DNA verraadt de gangen van de stern