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Practical matters How to find us dr. J.P. (Ineke) Wessel


A multiverse analysis of early attempts to replicate memory suppression with the Think/No-think Task

We need to change our attitude, and journals can help: Reflections in response to Spiller & Olff (2018)

Manipulating the reported age in earliest memories in a Dutch community sample

Hoe denken VEN-leden over de betrouwbaarheid van het geheugen?

Individual differences in avoiding feelings of disgust: Development and construct validity of the disgust avoidance questionnaire

Hervonden herinneringen

Manipulating the reported age in earliest memories

How public opinion influences personal flashbulb memory formation

Geen herinnering? Niet behandelen

Het geheugen van getuigen: Herinneren, vergeten en vergissen

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Reflections of an open science convert 1: Why I changed my research practices [Blog]

Wat onthouden jonge kinderen van een vakantie?

Open science can enhance research quality and collaboration

Recovered Memories: Real or Imagined?

Argos on trauma and memory in sexual abuse cases

RTL nieuws on Flashbulb Memories

On treating very early memories (Blog)

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