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A dynamically cold disk galaxy in the early Universe

Cassiopeia A, Cygnus A, Taurus A, and Virgo A at ultra-low radio frequencies

Extended Radio AGN at z ∼ 1 in the ORELSE Survey: The Confining Effect of Dense Environments

Full of Orions: A 200-pc mapping of the interstellar medium in the redshift-3 lensed dusty star-forming galaxy SDP.81

SHARP - VI. Evidence for CO (1-0) molecular gas extended on kpc-scales in AGN star-forming galaxies at high redshift

Smoke on the water: CO and H2O in a circumnuclear disc around a quasar at redshift 2.64

The properties of radio and mid-infrared detected galaxies and the effect of environment on the co-evolution of AGN and star formation at z ∼ 1

A novel search for gravitationally lensed radio sources in wide-field VLBI imaging from the mJIVE-20 survey

A SHARP view of H0LiCOW: H-0 from three time-delay gravitational lens systems with adaptive optics imaging

Constraining the mass density of free-floating black holes using razor-thin lensing arcs

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