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Rite and Stone: Religious Belonging and Urban Space in Global Perspective

Religion and the natural and virtual environments: introduction

The Politics of Mapping Religion: Locating, Counting, and Categorizing Places of Worship in European Cities

A Relational Approach to Understanding Local Immigrant Policy-Making: Collaboration with Immigrant Advocacy Bodies in Cities in Germany and France

Banal Catholicism, Morality Policies and the Politics of Belonging in Spain

Introduction: Religious Events in Contemporary Cities

"It's the First Sukkah since the Inquisition": Jewish Celebrations in Public Spaces in Barcelona

Laïcité y prácticas religiosas en contextos urbanos en Francia

Urban Religious Events: Public Spirituality in Contested Spaces

Urban Secularism: Negotiating Religious Diversity in Europe

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Interview in "The Sociology Show" Podcast

Interview about Research in the Sociology of Religion

Interview in "France Culture"

“La Religiosidad Vibrante en la Ciudad de México y el Desencantamiento del Mundo”

Blog Post "The Religion Factor".

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