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  1. Blood eosinophils associate with reduced lung function growth in adolescent asthmatics

    Koefoed, H. J. L., Gehring, U., Vonk, J. M. & Koppelman, G. H., 1-Jan-2021, In : Clinical and Experimental Allergy.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  2. Shared DNA methylation signatures in childhood allergy: the MeDALL study

    BIOS Consortium, Xu, C-J., Qi, C., van Rijkom, B., van der Vlies, P., Nawijn, M. C. & Wijmenga, C., 15-Dec-2020, In : Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  3. Epigenome-wide association study identifies DNA methylation markers for asthma remission in whole blood and nasal epithelium

    BIOS Consortium, Qi, C., Vonk, J. M., van der Plaat, D. A., Nieuwenhuis, M. A. E., Dijk, F. N., Aïssi, D., Siroux, V., Boezen, H. M., Xu, C-J. & Koppelman, G. H., 11-Dec-2020, In : Clinical and translational allergy. 10, 1, p. 60 13 p., 60.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  4. DNA methylation and body mass index from birth to adolescence: meta-analyses of epigenome-wide association studies

    Vehmeijer, F. O. L., Kuepers, L. K., Sharp, G. C., Salas, L. A., Lent, S., Jima, D. D., Tindula, G., Reese, S., Qi, C., Gruzieva, O., Page, C., Rezwan, F., Melton, P. E., Nohr, E., Escaramis, G., Rzehak, P., Heiskala, A., Gong, T., Tuominen, S. T., Gao, L., Ross, J. P., Starling, A. P., Holloway, J. W., Yousefi, P., Aasvang, G. M., Beilin, L. J., Bergstrom, A., Binder, E., Chatzi, L., Corpeleijn, E., Czamara, D., Eskenazi, B., Ewart, S., Ferre, N., Grote, V., Gruszfeld, D., Haberg, S. E., Hoyo, C., Huen, K., Karlsson, R., Kull, I., Langhendries, J-P., Lepeule, J., Magnus, M. C., Maguire, R. L., Molloy, P. L., Monnereau, C., Mori, T. A., Oken, E., Raikkonen, K., Rifas-Shiman, S., Ruiz-Arenas, C., Sebert, S., Ullemar, V., Verduci, E., Vonk, J. M., Xu, C., Yang, I., Zhang, H., Zhang, W., Karmaus, W., Dabelea, D., Muhlhausler, B. S., Breton, C., Lahti, J., Almqvist, C., Jarvelin, M-R., Koletzko, B., Vrijheid, M., Sorensen, T. I. A., Huang, R-C., Arshad, S. H., Nystad, W., Melen, E., Koppelman, G. H., London, S. J., Holland, N., Bustamante, M., Murphy, S. K., Hivert, M-F., Baccarelli, A., Relton, C. L., Snieder, H., Jaddoe, V. W. V. & Felix, J. F., 25-Dec-2020, In : Genome medicine. 12, 1, 15 p., 105.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

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  1. Lifelines Biobank

    Bakker, S. (Creator), Dotinga, A. (Creator), Vonk, J. (Creator), Smidt, N. (Creator), Scholtens, S. (Creator), Swertz, M. (Creator), Wijmenga, C. (Creator), Wolffenbuttel, B. (Creator), Stolk, R. (Creator), Zon, van, S. (Creator), Rosmalen, J. (Creator), Postma, D. S. (Creator), Boer, de, R. (Creator), Navis, G. (Creator), Slaets, J. (Creator), Ormel, H. (Creator), Dijk, van, F. (Creator) & Bolmer, B. (Data Manager), Lifelines, 2006


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  1. WEON 2019

    Judith Vonk (Organiser)


    Activity: Participating in or organising an eventOrganising an eventAcademic

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