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A Conserved Class II Type Thioester Domain-Containing Adhesin Is Required for Efficient Conjugation in Bacillus subtilis

Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus: a potential 'living antibiotic' to control bacterial pathogens

Comparison of two fluorescent probes in preclinical non-invasive imaging and image-guided debridement surgery of Staphylococcal biofilm implant infections

Differential binding of human and murine IgGs to catalytic and cell wall binding domains of Staphylococcus aureus peptidoglycan hydrolases

Double trouble: Bacillus depends on a functional Tat machinery to avoid severe oxidative stress and starvation upon entry into a NaCl-depleted environment

GP4: an integrated Gram-Positive Protein Prediction Pipeline for subcellular localization mimicking bacterial sorting

Interactions between the foreign body reaction and Staphylococcus aureus biomaterial-associated infection: Winning strategies in the derby on biomaterial implant surfaces

Molecular typing and antimicrobial resistance profiling of 33 mastitis-related Staphylococcus aureus isolates from cows in the Comarca Lagunera region of Mexico

No Obvious Role for Suspicious Oral Pathogens in Arthritis Development

Proteomic Charting of Imipenem Adaptive Responses in a Highly Carbapenem Resistant Clinical Enterobacter roggenkampii Isolate

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Fighting for lab space

De mond is een oorlogsgebied vol bacteriën

Why the Netherlands is not on lockdown (yet)

Is jouw werkplek een broeinest van bacteriën?

Beginnen alzheimer en reuma met een ontstoken gebit?

Belang van handhygiene

Hoe terecht is het slechte imago van poepbacterie E. coli?

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