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How to find us prof. dr. J.M. (Thijs) van der Hulst


Exploring and interrogating astrophysical data in virtual reality

BUDHIES IV: Deep 21-cm neutral Hydrogen, optical, and UV imaging data of Abell 963 and Abell 2192 at z ≃ 0.2

CHILES VI: HI and H alpha observations for z <0.1 galaxies; probing HI spin alignment with filaments in the cosmic web

Extreme intra-hour variability of the radio source J1402+5347 discovered with Apertif

Repeating fast radio bursts with WSRT/Apertif

The Apertif Surveys: The First Six Months

CHILES: H I morphology and galaxy environment at z = 0.12 and z = 0.17

A High-resolution Mosaic of the Neutral Hydrogen in the M81 Triplet

Apertif: A new phased-array feed for WSRT

cuFFS: A GPU-accelerated code for Fast Faraday rotation measure Synthesis

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