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High-demand tasks show that ACL reconstruction is not the only factor in controlling range of tibial rotation: a preliminary investigation

A computer implemented method for selecting a shape of a rocker outsole

Conservative interventions to improve foot progression angle and clinical measures in orthopedic and neurological patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Flexible Machine Learning Algorithms for Clinical Gait Assessment Tools

Pilot Validation Study of Inertial Measurement Units and Markerless Methods for 3D Neck and Trunk Kinematics during a Simulated Surgery Task

Stroke survivors' experiences with home-based telerehabilitation using an assistive device to improve upper limb function: a qualitative study

Copers and Noncopers Use Different Landing Techniques to Limit Anterior Tibial Translation After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Cycling in people with a lower limb amputation

Effectiveness of task-specific training using assistive devices and task-specific usual care on upper limb performance after stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Effect of different forefoot rocker radii on lower-limb joint biomechanics in healthy individuals

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Op naar de grens van de 100 meter sprint

ArmAssist helpt Bob na herseninfarct op weg naar marathon van Berlijn