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Strategies to boost anaerobic digestion performance of cow manure: Laboratory achievements and their full-scale application potential

A technological understanding of biofilm detection techniques: A Review

Co-digestion of cow and sheep manure: Performance evaluation and relative microbial activity

Comparison of the microbial communities in anaerobic digesters treating high alkalinity synthetic wastewater at atmospheric and high-pressure (11 bar)

Miniaturization and 3D printing of bioreactors: A technological mini review

Thauera aminoaromatica MZ1T Identified as a Polyhydroxyalkanoate-Producing Bacterium within a Mixed Microbial Consortium

The biomethanation of cow manure in a continuous anaerobic digester can be boosted via a bioaugmentation culture containing Bathyarchaeota

Enhanced biogas production from the anaerobic batch treatment of banana peels

Feasibility assessment of a bioethanol plant in the northern Netherlands

Preliminary assessment of a biogas-based power plant from organic waste in the north Netherlands

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