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Contemporary evolution of the innate immune receptor gene TLR3 in an isolated vertebrate population

Effects of parasites upon non-host predator avoidance behaviour in native and invasive gammarids

Helpers compensate for age-related declines in parental care and offspring survival in a cooperatively breeding bird

Hematocrit, age, and survival in a wild vertebrate population

Males and females of a polygamous songbird respond differently to mating opportunities

Telomere heritability and parental age at conception effects in a wild avian population

Age-dependent changes in infidelity in Seychelles warblers

Connecting the data landscape of long-term ecological studies: The SPI-Birds data hub

Extra-pair mating opportunities mediate parenting and mating effort trade-offs in a songbird

Seasonal variation in sleep homeostasis in migratory geese: A rebound of NREM sleep following sleep deprivation in summer but not in winter

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Seychelles: $78,000 Donation for Nature Seychelles Will Rebuild Cousin Island Research Centre

De Kennis van Nu - Samenwerken in de natuur

Ecuadorian cactus absorbs ultrasound, enticing bats to flowers

Jonge ganzen in vervuild poolgebied zijn rustelozer

Snavels papegaaiduikers lichten op onder uv-lamp

Is it better to have more sons or more daughters?

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