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Implications of adult sex ratios for natal dispersal in a cooperative breeder

A major myna problem: Invasive predator removal benefits female survival and population growth of a translocated island endemic

Effects of season length and uniparental care efficacy on the evolution of parental care

Extremely low amphibian roadkill probability on busy bicycle paths

Individual responses to capture are not predicted by among-individual risk-taking in response to predation threat

Movement ecology, genetic connectivity & threats to free-roaming cheetah in South Africa

Repeatable parental risk taking across manipulated levels of predation threat: No individual variation in plasticity

Should sons breed independently or help?: Local relatedness matters

Testing the environmental buffering hypothesis of cooperative breeding in the Seychelles warbler

The delayed effect of climatic conditions on pre-fledging nestling haematocrit in a suboscine species in Patagonia

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Beschermer van een eiland - 38 jaar onderzoek op Cousin

Chinese penduline tit buries eggs to prevent them from blowin' in the wind

In bird couples, who is taking care of the kids?

Life in three words: Run, fight, or cooperate

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Seychelles: $78,000 Donation for Nature Seychelles Will Rebuild Cousin Island Research Centre

De Kennis van Nu - Samenwerken in de natuur

Ecuadorian cactus absorbs ultrasound, enticing bats to flowers

Jonge ganzen in vervuild poolgebied zijn rustelozer

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