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Associations of Pathogenic Variants in MLH1, MSH2, and MSH6 With Risk of Colorectal Adenomas and Tumors and With Somatic Mutations in Patients With Lynch Syndrome

Diet quality and colorectal tumor risk in persons with Lynch syndrome

Is a colorectal neoplasm diagnosis a trigger to change dietary and other lifestyle habits for persons with Lynch syndrome? A prospective cohort study

Limited diagnostic accuracy and clinical impact of single-operator peroral cholangioscopy for indeterminate biliary strictures

Personalised surveillance for serrated polyposis syndrome: results from a prospective 5-year international cohort study

Substantial and sustained improvement of serrated polyp detection after a simple educational intervention: results from a prospective controlled trial

The (ir)relevance of the abandoned criterion II for the diagnosis of serrated polyposis syndrome: a retrospective cohort study

The optimal imaging window for dysplastic colorectal polyp detection using c-Met targeted fluorescence molecular endoscopy

Effect of chromoendoscopy in the proximal colon on colorectal neoplasia detection in Lynch syndrome: a multicenter randomized controlled trial

Low Incidence of Advanced Neoplasia in Serrated Polyposis Syndrome After (Sub)total Colectomy: Results of a 5-Year International Prospective Cohort Study

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