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Dangerous, Seductive, and Innovative. Visual Sources for the History of Education

In Search of Multiple Compatibility: Modernization, Secularization, Religion, and Education in History

A Cultural History of Education in the Renaissance

Claudia Jarzebowski, Kindheit und Emotion. Kinder und ihre Lebenswelten in der europäischen Frühen Neuzeit (Berlin/Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2018), x + 343 pp.


Educating peace amid accusations of indoctrination: a Dutch peace education curriculum in the polarised political climate of the 1970s

Education and Nature

Introduction: Education in an Emerging Communication and Knowledge Society

Classifying Children

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"Leerstoel, geen preekstoel'. Interview in PIP Pedagogiek in Praktijk no. 107, 2019, pp, 6-12.

Member of the committee

Interview in Historisch Nieuwsblad

Interview on Radio 5 on The Art of Education Multimedia project

Interview in NTR Television Program The Art of Education on Net 1

Interview in UK magazine by Christian Boomsma on The Art of Education

Interview on Radio RTV-Noord (Regionaal Radio & Broadcasting Company) on The Art of Education

Interview by Robin Gerrits

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