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Anticipating Injuries and Health Problems in Elite Soccer Players Using Dynamic Complexity

Detecting early warning signals of injuries and health problems in elite youth soccer players

How long does it take to physically and psychologically recover after an injury in football?

How long does it take to recover physically and psychologically after an injury?

Monitoring the recovery-stress states of athletes: Psychometric properties of the Acute Recovery and Stress Scale and Short Recovery and Stress Scale among Dutch and Flemish Athletes

Validation of the Dutch Acute Recovery and Stress Scale and the Short Recovery and Stress Scale

Adherence to an injury prevention program in male amateur football players is affected by players' age, experience and perceptions

A Multidisciplinary, Personalized Approach to Resilience in Sports

A Network Approach To Study Individual-Specific Performance Dynamics In Sports

Are Off-Field Activities an Underestimated Risk for Hamstring Injuries in Dutch Male Amateur Soccer Players? An Exploratory Analysis of a Prospective Cohort Study

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