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Roots withstanding their environment: Exploiting root system architecture responses to abiotic stress to improve crop tolerance

Selection and breeding of robust rootstocks as a tool to improve nutrient-use efficiency and abiotic stress tolerance in tomato

Grafting as a tool to improve tolerance of vegetables to abiotic stresses: Thermal stress, water stress and organic pollutants

Grafting as a tool for tolerance of abiotic stress

Rootstock-scion signalling: Key factors mediating scion performance

Correlation between spatial (3D) structure of pea and bean thylakoid membranes and arrangement of chlorophyll-protein complexes

Copper exposure interferes with the regulation of the uptake, distribution and metabolism of sulfate in Chinese cabbage

Grafting tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) onto the rootstock of a high-altitude accession of Solanum habrochaites improves suboptimal-temperature tolerance

Contrasting effect of dark-chilling on chloroplast structure and arrangement of chlorophyll-protein complexes in pea and tomato: Plants with a different susceptibility to non-freezing temperature

Wild relatives as a source for sub-optimal temperature tolerance in tomato

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Waddenfonds steekt ruim € 2 miljoen in vier Groninger projecten

Experimentele teelt van aardappelen en bonen in zilte grond Dubbele Dijk bij Bierum