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University Medical Center Groningen

prof. J.H.P. (Han) Houdijk

Professor of Clinical Movement Sciences
Profile picture of prof. J.H.P. (Han) Houdijk
+31 50 361 6015 (office Center for Human Movement Sciences)


Clinical indications and protocol considerations for selecting initial body weight support levels in gait rehabilitation: a systematic review

Human-in-the-loop optimization of rocker shoes via different cost functions during walking

Human-in-the-loop optimization of rocker shoe to reduce plantar pressure and collision work simultaneously

Human‐in‐the‐loop optimized rocker profile of running shoes to enhance ankle work and running economy

Lower anxiety level to perform movements after revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with lateral extra-articular tenodesis compared to without lateral extra-articular tenodesis

Quadriceps-hamstrings muscle co-activation during the swing phase of walking is modulated by task constraints in healthy adults

Simply swing like a pendulum: A research paradigm to probe the elevated cost of walking in people with neurological disorders

A different kind of gait: The transition from normal to very slow walking

Amputation and prosthetics of the lower extremity: The 2020 Dutch evidence-based multidisciplinary guideline

Biomechanical Load of Neck and Lumbar Joints in Open-Surgery Training

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