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Practical matters How to find us prof. J.H.P. (Han) Houdijk
University Medical Center Groningen

prof. J.H.P. (Han) Houdijk

Professor of Clinical Movement Sciences
Profielfoto van prof. J.H.P. (Han) Houdijk
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+31 50 361 6015 (office Center for Human Movement Sciences)


Amputation and prosthetics of the lower extremity: The 2020 Dutch evidence-based multidisciplinary guideline

Effectiveness of different extrinsic feedback forms on motor learning in children with cerebral palsy: a systematic review

Handrim wheelchair propulsion technique in individuals with spinal cord injury with and without shoulder pain - a cross-sectional comparison

Identification and Quantification of Activities Common to Intensive Care Patients; Development and Validation of a Dual-Accelerometer-Based Algorithm

Oprichten ProtheseAcademie: De Pronkhoek

Towards a standardized and individualized lab-based protocol for wheelchair-specific exercise capacity testing in wheelchair athletes: a scoping review

Development of a core set of gait features and their potential underlying impairments to assist gait data interpretation in children with cerebral palsy

Evaluation of a standardized test protocol to measure wheelchair-specific anaerobic and aerobic exercise capacity in healthy novices on an instrumented roller ergometer

GAIT.SCRIPT: ontwikkeling van een interpretatietool voor klinische gangbeeldanalyse van kinderen met cerebrale parese

Klinische Bewegingswetenschappen: theoretisch geïnspireerd toegepast wetenschappelijk onderzoek

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