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Archeologische Kaart IJsselmeergebied

Arguments in favour of an anthropogenic origin of Mesolithic pit hearths. A reply to Crombé and Langohr (2020)

Nomadische rendierjagers in Epse (Overijssel) kwamen via Helgoland

Sealevel change in Mesolithic southern Scandinavia: Peter Moe Astrup (ed) 2018. Aarhus University Press, Jutland Archaeological Society, Aarhus. 207 pp. ISBN 978-87-93423-29-9

The Archaeology of Europe's Drowned Landscapes: Introduction and Overview

The Archaeology of Europe’s Drowned Landscapes

The Atlantic Margin and the North Sea: Introduction

The legal, historical and industrial context of underwater heritage: Introduction

The Netherlands: Probing into the Submerged Prehistoric Archaeology, Landscapes and Palaeontology of the Dutch Continental Shelf

Deciphering the complexity of a 'simple' mesolithic phenomenon: Indicators for construction, use and taphonomy of pit hearths in Kampen (the Netherlands)

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Handen van lang geleden

De eerste mens. Onze oude tante uit Marokko

De zoekers naar het verzwolgen Noordzeeland

De laatste jagers in Doggerland

BBC Horizon First Britons

The birth of Britain

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